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New features added and Updated

We listen to your feedback and are constantly updating our website and change or add new features to make our website better.
If you haven’t discovered them yet, here are our latest additions:
Pause ProfileIn your Account you can now pause your profile and no one will be able to view it. Useful when you are on vacation etc.

FriendslistYou can now set your friends list to be visible to All or only Friends.

WetWe are now able to allow you to promote wet/urine.
You can set the guestbook to be viewed by Members only
or All, and all members can post. You can always remove any guestbook
entry in the account area.
We have also added so that
your entries in other members guestbooks are visible on your profile and
in your account area you can remove your posted entries.
note: Due to fake reviews and complaints we can’t remove profiles
without proof. So please send a full report of what happen incl the
profilename and upload screenshots of payment, chat and anything else
you have in a support ticket so we can investigate; RosaSidan Support

Thank youRosaSidan crew

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