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New Updates!

We are working on updates to improve our website.

Our latest update: We have moved the icons for people on phones. You will now see the house icon for My Page for a quicker access to your page. And from there you only have to click your name to get to the rest of the menu to use our website to the fullest.

always, if you have any questions or need to update your e-mail, just
contact Admin
Thank youRosasidan crew.

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Issues with mail

We are experiencing some issues with people not getting their mails, hotmail mostly. This could be due to too many mails from our domain is being sent out and e-mail companies may confuse it for spam.
Therefor, if you join please use another e-mail client for now.

If you use hotmail please try and whitelist our domain rosasidan.ws

If you haven’t gotten your mail when trying to join, reset password or other mail please contact us via our support.

Thank you
Rosasidan crew

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Expired certificate

Dear visitors and members.

Some of you may have gotten a expired certificate when visiting our website.This is suppose to update automatically but this time it didn’t. We are working on updating it.In the meantime nothing else has changed and the website fully functional as before.
We hope to get the update sorted out soon.
Thank you for understandingRosa sidan crew

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Profile updates

Dear members,
You may have noticed that we have added Services where you can check what services you’re looking for or offer. This is used in matchmaking and searchengine so please update if you are a Client or Seller, and uncheck any option you are not interested in so you don’t get matched with the wrong profiles.
If you are a Seller offering online services: Livecam, Livechat, Phonesex, Images, Videos, Used items and have checked Online under Locale then we require a image as people should know what they’re paying for before sending any money.

To update Services go to Edit Profile > Services

Rosasidan crew

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New features added and Updated

We listen to your feedback and are constantly updating our website and change or add new features to make our website better.
If you haven’t discovered them yet, here are our latest additions:
Pause ProfileIn your Account you can now pause your profile and no one will be able to view it. Useful when you are on vacation etc.

FriendslistYou can now set your friends list to be visible to All or only Friends.

WetWe are now able to allow you to promote wet/urine.
You can set the guestbook to be viewed by Members only
or All, and all members can post. You can always remove any guestbook
entry in the account area.
We have also added so that
your entries in other members guestbooks are visible on your profile and
in your account area you can remove your posted entries.
note: Due to fake reviews and complaints we can’t remove profiles
without proof. So please send a full report of what happen incl the
profilename and upload screenshots of payment, chat and anything else
you have in a support ticket so we can investigate; RosaSidan Support

Thank youRosaSidan crew

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We now accept PaySafeCards

We are happy to announce that we now accept PaySafecard on our website.
PaySafecard is a prepaid card for which you don’t need an bank account and can buy in most convenience stores. With a PaySafeCard you can make a quick and discreet purchase on our website.For more information please visit PaySafeCard.com homepage.

To upgrade your account to a Gold or Platinum membership Click HereTo buy Diamonds credits Click Here
RosaSidan crew

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Add your contact info!

We have updated Profiles with Contact information section.This is so members can add their contact information for members and visitors can click to connect. This is to make it easier and also avoid misspellings.
For our Members; login and go to Edit Profile and click on Contact information. This will show up on your profile and also your personal ads.

RosaSidan crew

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency now available as payment option

We’re happy to announce that we now accept bitcoin and over 50 altcoins with CoinGate.com.
You need to have a Wallet with funds and then you can pay. There are many different options of wallets and you need to find one that works for you.
A plus is that you then can offer to accept payments or offer crypocurrency as payment when you’re buying or selling on our website.

You can signup at coingate and buy cryptofunds with your creditcard but they need to verify your creditcard and that will take some time but is a one-time setup. You can review the process here: coingate guide

RosaSidan crew

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Important update on the Rules

We do allow various adult content but we do Not allow: drugs, defecation, urination, vomiting, underage, beastiality.
Any ads or posts will be deleted and the profile might be deleted if it contains such services. If you do find members promoting any of these services please report it to us by sending a pm with the profilename

Thank you for making our website a fun place for all!RosaSidan

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